I have dreamt for some time about creating something using Hemp, one of the most sustainable plants with so many uses!. Something to help our planet!

Since having my son, I have struggled to find natural fibre clothing for him that is eco friendly and that doesn’t cost you your full salary! Sustainability should be accessible to more people! Having a passion for slow fashion and Hemp, My Little Loves was created. It has come together so beautifully, so naturally, but still with some bumps in the road that we have overcome and powered through.

Our focus is comfort, sustainability, slow living, and pieces handmade for play for your little love.

We really believe that it is worth looking further into what we dress our children in: the fibres they feel on their skin, the comfort they feel when they play. We can all make an effort to support local businesses doing good and making changes. We have looked closely at the small details, using coconut fibre buttons, reusable hemp bags for packaging at a small extra cost. 

Our pieces can be passed down to siblings or cousins, last for years to come and then eventually biodegrade into the earth. 

We are a small company with big dreams, hoping to save our planet with Hemp! Join us on this exciting journey, 

So much Love